Engage and excite students in STEM through fascinating real-world news stories and inspiring young people in the field.

Stile for secondary is a curriculum-complete set of online, interactive units of work.


More than 1 in 4 secondary schools across Australia are already using Stile in their classrooms


Simple to use

There's no software to download, so you can be up and running in just 10 minutes.

Save yourself time

Every lesson is ready to go. Just enrol your class and get started.

Lessons crafted with expert content partners

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Explore the units

Comprehensive curriculum coverage

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Engage and inspire students


Incorporate exciting interactive tasks, simulations, videos and hands-on investigations.
Units feature real-world scientists and discoveries which provide context and relevance to the material.


Track students' progress and learning


Live analytics and performance insights are visible, keeping you in touch with your students’ progress. See how your students are working and identify misconceptions earlier than ever.


Customise lessons


Edit lessons or make your own to meet your students' needs.
Whether it's adding extension work, videos from YouTube or your own activities and tasks, personalised lessons can be saved and shared with colleagues. 


Use as a digital workbook


Create your own online worksheets and assessments within lessons and seamlessly incorporate them into your class.
Each student's work, results and progress are saved automatically, and can be referred to year after year. 

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