Stile Lessons

Fantastic free lessons, created by our community of teachers!

If you have been teaching for a while and take pride in creating quality lessons for your students, we want to hear more from you.

What are we looking for?

  • High quality single Stile lessons (minimum teaching time: 60 minutes) that teach at least one specific curriculum point from the Australian Curriculum.
  • Each lesson needs to contain a mixture of lower- and higher-order thinking tasks. You may wish to follow:
 Here's what an example Year 4 English lesson would look like in Stile

Here's what an example Year 4 English lesson would look like in Stile

Must haves

'Lessons' page (see screenshot)

  • 4-5 lessons
    • 2-3 to teach the content
    • 1 as an 'exit ticket' quiz
    • 1 project-like activity
  • 2-4 learning goals clearly stated in the Student overview
  • Clearly state the Australian Curriculum point that the lesson teaches in the teacher note
  • Clearly state any prerequisite knowledge in the teacher note

Inside the lessons

Content lesson(s):

  • learning goals again explictly stated
  • a mix of question types and media
  • 2+ Interactive Canvases
  • 1+ video

Exit ticket quiz:

  • 1 lesson that contains 2 multiple choice questions per learning goal (like an exit ticket) 
  • The MCQs should be written according to this guide and contain automated feedback

Optional project task:

  • A fun application of the lesson content learnt, ideally hands-on
  • Students share what they've made via one or 'Open response' questions

All lessons:

  • Adhere to basic lesson style guide
  • Edited for grammar and spelling

Must not have

  • Year 5-10 Science content - we already have a lot of great science content
  • Files students need to download and open in other apps (Embedded .ppt files are OK)
  • Links to external apps
  • Copyrighted material (you can use public domain, Creative Commons if properly cited, stock photos/illustrations can be purchased by Stile if required)

About you

  • you teach or have taught in an Australian K-12 school
  • you have experience in creating your own lesson materials and ideally working with Stile
  • you have an ABN


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