Listen up! Leave audio feedback in Stile

Next time you leave feedback for a student in Stile, you may notice that something looks a little different. That's because you can now leave audio feedback for your students! 

The beauty of audio feedback

There are a few very good reasons why you might like to leave audio feedback for your students. According to a 2007 study by Ice et al, audio feedback:

  1. is a time saver: it's about 75% faster than typing feedback
  2. feels more personal
  3. is more nuanced: your voice carries a lot of meaning that can be lost in plain text 
  4. is applied more effectively by students

In a sense, it's like having your students right in front of you as you talk to them, with the added benefit of it being a permanent record. Students can listen to your feedback as many times as they need, and parents can hear it too. 

When audio feedback really excels

Leaving audio feedback is best suited for anyone who prefers talking over typing, really, but there are some teachers who we think will especially benefit from audio feedback:

Kindergarten, Prep and Primary school teachers

If your students are still learning to read, they will obviously greatly benefit from hearing you talk instead of reading written feedback. 


Language teachers

Correcting pronunciation using written feedback is not exactly easy. Having a recorded version of the correct pronunciation is hugely beneficial for students. They can play the recording over and over again and compare their own pronunciation with yours.

Music teachers

Do you get your students to upload recordings of themselves to Stile? Now you can talk to them as you play their performances back on speakers, kind of like audio commentary. Alternatively, you could provide a model by simply playing the section yourself.

How is it done?

Scroll to the bottom of a student's submission, click the microphone icon and start talking. Just click 'Finished' when you're done. That's it!

Stile tip #1

For fast and and effective feedback, simply signpost as you talk through a student submission. For example 'I love the sketch you drew for Question 1, but your answer to Question 2 was too general...'

Stile tip #2

Keep a short written list of talking points to minimise the ums and ahs and keep it short and to the point.

If you'd like to find out more about leaving feedback in Stile, watch our webinar from Wednesday, 5 November.

Your turn

How will you use audio feedback? Please let us know in the comments!

All the best,

The Stile Team