Leave automated feedback in Stile!

We already know that rapid feedback is crucial to the learning process. Now, with Stile's automated feedback for multiple choice questions, your students will not have to wait for feedback at all! Because the feedback is instant, it enables students to have more autonomy in their learning.

In the example below, Sam can not only see straight away where she went wrong but also why. She even receives a reference video to help her fill knowledge gaps on her own.

 Some sample automated feedback added to a multiple choice question, along with some specific task feedback for the student.

Some sample automated feedback added to a multiple choice question, along with some specific task feedback for the student.


Automated feedback? Will my students even need me anymore?

Yes, of course they will! You’re still the one who writes the questions and feedback in the first place. With automated feedback, you’re simply automating a crucial yet time-consuming task of explaining each choice your students make.

While it may take a little longer to write explanations to each of your questions, it will save you a lot of time and work in the long run and your students will be grateful, as you’ve just turned multiple choice questions into a learning activity rather than simply a testing tool.

Automated feedback is a great way to teach all of your students, no matter how they answer the question — something that’s basically impossible to do on the fly in the classroom with all of your students and that would take a long time to do in paper-based homework that you collect. Every student response will be honoured with your personal explanation as to why the answers they’ve chosen are correct or not, which is very powerful and really adds value to blended learning.

How do I add it?

Within your Stile activity, simply create or edit an existing multiple choice question. As soon as you start typing an option in an answer box, a bubble pops up right under the answer box. Simply type into the coloured bubble to enter your feedback.

Non-assessed activities

For non-assessed activities (the default for all activities), automated feedback appears as soon as students press the ‘I’m finished, show my teacher’ button. They can scroll through the activity to view automated feedback immediately.

Assessed activities

Automated feedback shows up with assessed activities as well. However, it will not display until you have released feedback to your students. That way, they won’t be able to share the feedback received with each other before everyone has completed the assessment.

Does the library keep the feedback stored?

It does indeed! As a result, this makes sharing lessons with your co-teachers even more powerful because you’re not only lightening your own workload when creating automated feedback, you’re also making life easier for your colleagues. Also, the original author’s intent is preserved, something that’s not always the case when sharing exercises.

What should I write for automatic feedback?

Here are three tips for adding feedback:

  1. Think about why your students would have chosen that particular answer.
  2. If the answer is incorrect, explain why and maybe link to a reference where they could find the correct answer (such as the YouTube video in the screenshot at the top). Don't tell them the correct answer though, so they can have another go when you ask for a resubmission.
  3. If the answer is correct, explain why it is correct. They could have just guessed the answer, and it's also useful to confirm.

That's it! We look forward to hearing how you're incorporating automatic feedback in your class.