Consolidate all the work students create on iPads

Anyone teaching at an iPad school has run into this problem: students are working on one of the thousands of apps in the App Store, creating amazing projects that were simply unthinkable only a few years ago: they’re shooting entire movies or stop-motion projects, creating 3D models, electronic music, digital comics or interactive books, but now what?

  • How do I get access to my students’ work?
  • Where do the files go?
  • How do I give feedback?

As abundant as the app ecosystem is, it has one fatal flaw in an educational context: all these disparate apps are their own entities and there’s no easy way to pull in student work, view it, give feedback and release it back to them.

Introducing Stile’s iPad workflow

It’s now possible to do just that from within the Stile iPad app — just make sure you update to the latest version!

In Stile, simply create a Student upload question if you'd like to upload a single file or a Project space if you'd like them to upload multiple files.

The rest works the same in most apps. Students just need to open the Stile app, navigate to the upload question and follow these four simple steps:

  1. Click the share icon action icon
  2. Select ‘Open in (another app)...’
  3. Look for Stile in the list and select it
  4. Upload the file!

Here’s a short video that shows how Students can upload a Pages document to Stile created Apple’s Pages for iPad.

While the exact workflow varies slightly from app to app, it’s always very similar to this.

If you can't see the above video, here are screenshots:

What if there is no 'Share' button?

Pro Tip

Save time by simply moving Stile to the front!

Some apps, such as Popplet, don’t have a share button. However, you can still email files to Stile as before, so in this case it’s probably best to email the PDF.

Finally, if there is no way for students to share or export their work from within the app or if your students don't have access to email, there is always the option to take a screenshot of the iPad’s screen. Those screenshots can then be shared in Stile the same way as outlined above.

That's it!

We hope that this small addition to Stile helps bringing together all the brilliant work our students do on their iPads for a unified, improved feedback loop. 

In another post, we'll show you how to bring feedback created in apps like Notability or ExplainEverything into Stile!