Meet Interactive Canvas — your new power tool!

Intrepid Stilists may have already had a chance to preview it at our Teaching ‘Gen Tech’ Learning Community workshop in May, but we’ve been tweaking and improving it since then. Today we can finally announce one of the most powerful additions to the Stile toolkit yet!

Introducing Interactive Canvas.

Interactive Canvas takes the best features of the Sketchpad and has made it smarter, more intuitive, more powerful and more in tune with what you want to create for your classroom!


You now have greater control over your images, with the ability to place images side-by-side, overlap them, annotate them, flip them - whatever you want!




We’ve also added the ability to lock and unlock visual elements!  Locked images are fixed but unlocked ones can be moved around by students, which allows for drag and drop fun.



Interactive Canvas opens up a whole world of creative and educational opportunities.

Narrative & Dialogue

You can bring images to life by incorporating dialogue and creating narratives.


Sequencing tasks

These have just become a lot easier to create in Stile! Simply add text and visuals and leave them unlocked so they can be dragged and arranged by your students.

Processes like recipes or lab procedures can now be made interactive! For an added challenge ask students to label or comment on each step of a process.

Sorting, matching & labelling tasks

You can still draw lines between visual elements:

but drag and drop creates a whole new range of opportunities for students to match, label and demonstrate their understanding of relationships.


Visible thinking

Interactive Canvas is also a great way to engage with various visible thinking routines that can then be shared in class for everyone to see.

Routines like 'See Think Wonder' or 'Colour Symbol Image’ can be set up quickly and easily.



Finally, we’ve taken Sketchpad’s drawing capabilities and built a more sophisticated drawing tool.  There is a richer colour palette, drawing is much more responsive and a bigger work area allows for a much improved drawing experience.


We can't wait to see what you'll create!

Share any ideas, thoughts and creations in the comments below or reach out to us via  We always love to hear from our community!