Term 3, 2015 - Top 3 back-to-school stile admin tasks

Is your Stile starting to look like it's suffering from a bit of mid-year fatigue? 

Here are the top 3 things our teachers want to do to get your Stile subjects, lessons and activities organised for the new term (all doable from the comfort of your sofa whilst watching new episodes of Masterchef).

1. Archive subjects you're no longer teaching

Archiving is a great way to keep that subject list nice and lean.

  1. Click on the subject you want to archive
  2. At the end of the green bar running along the top of the page, you'll see a 'More' dropdown option
  3. Select 'Archive this subject'

Archived subjects can still be accessed by both teachers and students and all feedback and student submissions are preserved. However, you might want to unarchive or copy lessons from archived subjects:

  1. Go to your subjects page
  2. You'll see the 'View archived subjects' option in the bottom right corner under all your subjects
  3. In archives, you can copy archived lessons or chose to unarchive.

Keep in mind!  Students often tell us they still see subjects they're no longer studying. They'll continue to see those subjects if you don't archive them for them - so regular archiving helps your students stay organised too!

For more, see our post on archiving

2. Edit and consolidate your lessons

In the thick of things, it can be easy to keep adding activity after activity without giving much thought to organisation.

It might be time to view your activities and lessons with a bit of an editing eye. Take a look at your lesson structure and see if it makes sense. Does each activity sit where it belong? Could some of them be integrated together? Maybe some of the activities could even be deleted all together?

Lessons can be:

  • moved around by clicking and dragging;
  • moved between subjects by adding them to the to the library and copying  them to subjects; and
  • deleted by selecting the option under the 'More' drop down in the top right hand corner of any lesson.

Oops! Accidentally deleted the wrong thing? Deleted lessons can be recovered by going to the 'View deleted items' option in the bottom right hand corner of the lessons page.

It might also be a good opportunity to do a little updating? Why not add a few free images from Pixabay or a few interactive canvas exercises for a great interactive learning experience.

3. Editing the due dates of new or copied lessons 

Created new lessons?  Copied some great lessons to your subjects?  It can be easy to forget to add a due date to the lessons before you release them! Remember your students see a whole bunch of submissions dates on their subject page and it helps them stay organised too.

To amend due dates:

  1. Go to the top right corner of your activity
  2. Select 'Edit activity' and you'll see a little due date box with a calendar option

Bonus Tip!

Once everything is tidied and just the way you like it, why not take the time to share lessons with your colleagues? Grabbing a lesson someone else has made is a great way to save time and get fresh ideas, so make life easier for your colleagues and share your lessons. According to John Hattie, teacher collaboration has a huge effect on the quality of teaching and the library is a great way to collaborate on content creation. 

If you're not sure how to do any of the above, let us know in the comments and we'll post detailed how-tos.


Happy term 3!


The Stile Team