Rapid Feedback in Stile - How it Looks Now

We've posted before about the power of rapid feedback and even our Software Engineers gets pretty excited about a Rapid Feedback Loop!

happy devs

....Admittedly more in the context of Ruby development, but hey, the reasons why rapid feedback is appreciated by anyone in a development and improvement context is pretty universal - it allows you to quickly know where you've gone wrong within a time frame where the work is still meaningful and immediate, plus you can see yourself improve quickly.

We've been working hard to build out tools which make it possible for teachers to provide students with rapid feedback.  We're particularly proud of the recent addition of Notifications to Stile, which connects teachers to their students' classroom workflow in real time. 

So, how does rapid feedback look in Stile now?


Automatic feedback for multiple choice questions

When you create multiple choice or true/false questions in Stile, you are automatically given the option to include instant feedback. 

Students will see the feedback as soon as they submit their work for non-assessed activities.

However, for assessed activities, students will only see the feedback once they've submitted their work and you've released feedback.


Notifications - See your students' work as soon as they submit

With our most recent feature addition, you'll be notified the moment students submit their work for feedback.

By clicking on the notification, you'll be taken to the student's work immediately, allowing you to review their work and provide feedback within a quicker timeframe.

See our Notifications feature in action:


And read more about it in our feature announcement post here.


Bonus Tip! - Have a prepared PDF of the lesson with answers to release to your class 

Here's one that we've seen some of our great Stile Learning Community Teachers doing!

In Google Chrome, click on the lesson you'll be doing with your class, switch over to Student mode, and create a version with completed answers. Print the version with the answers but instead of printing it, select the option to save it as a PDF.

Create a new 'Model Answers' lesson in your subject and upload the PDF.

Then, when you're ready for your students to see the answers, drag the 'Model Answers' lesson above the grey line and release the lesson to your class so that they can review and compare their own responses!


We're making feedback better.

We hope these features and tips help you easily harness the power of rapid feedback in your classroom.

We're working hard at Stile HQ to continue to improve and develop Stile and integrate features which allow teachers to:

  1. provide better and more meaningful feedback for their students; and
  2. improve their workflow so they can help students more efficiently.

As usual, the E-team is all ears, all the time — let us know your thoughts and comments on providing feedback in Stile as well as any ways you're using Stile that we haven't though of!  We'd love to hear from you :)


Jean Kang I Community Engagement Manager @ Stile