Teachers can now create Recovery Passwords for their students

You may have noticed a new icon next to all your students in your Stile classes. 

This is our new Recovery Password feature - a great small improvement we've added to Stile!

Clicking on the the icon allows teachers to create a 20-minute temporary recovery password for any student who is having difficulty accessing Stile due to password issues. 

Once a student has logged into Stile using the recovery password, they will be prompted to reset their password. 



We know this feature will not only empower teachers with greater troubleshooting abilities but also simplify one of the most common issues students have when launching Stile.

So the next time a student tells you they can't login to Stile, don't worry! With one click you can sort out any password issues and get on with your lesson.


Jean Kang I Community Engagement Manager @ Stile