Last month we introduced Interactive Canvas, your new Stile power tool. This month, we're happy to announce that notifications have been added to Stile!

Notifications will transform the way teachers assist students with their work in Stile. 


Introducing Notifications


Teachers, every time your students submit an activity, you'll be notified.  

With one click you'll be able to review their submission and give them feedback straight away.

Students receive notifications too!

The minute you leave feedback for your students, they'll be notified in Stile.  All your hard work is much more likely to be seen by students — and they can apply your feedback immediately. 

We're connecting you with your students in real-time and helping you create a quicker, more meaningful teacher-student feedback loop.


We've made our notifications smart too.

smart notifications

Notifications will almost operate like a to-do list — intuitively assisting you with with your classroom workflow and teacher-student communication.

You'll have control over your preferences, a log of everyone's activity and smart features which will act like a personal assistant — ticking off tasks that you've completed and keeping you organised. 

For your students, notifications will draw upon familiar communication flows, made popular by our favourite social media platforms, and allow them the harness the power of a faster feedback loop (see John Hattie and Helen Timperley's seminal paper ‘The Power of Feedback’).

We hope that notifications will also help students be active participants in their learning and keep them connected to their digital learning environment.


More to come...

For now, notifications will only happen when you or your students log into Stile but we have big plans for this feature - one of the most immediate additions you'll see will be email notifications. It's coming soon!

As usual, the E-team is all ears, all the time!  Let us know your thoughts and keep us informed about your Stile experience - we hope you love notifications as much as we do!


E-Team @ Stile I