AppSmash with Stile

Easily bring together and share creations from multiple apps.

Sometimes a single app isn't enough to complete what you want to do, but don't worry there's thousands of apps out there to fill the void.

'App Smashing' (sometimes referred to as 'App Stacking') is the process of using multiple apps to layer and enhance a creation or final task.

If you're already snapping pics, editing them in an app, saving them to a photo library and adding them to blogs and albums - you're an App Smasher!

The term was coined by Greg Kulowiec who states that for students, 'the process of figuring out ways to combine new tools is as valuable as the final product'.  It unleashes creativity and provides students with a number of different tools to innovatively demonstrate their learning and understanding.  Plus, it's a whole lot of fun!

It's not just for students! Loads of teachers are App Smashing as they create lesson content, the challenge can sometimes be finding the right place to bring everything together in a single workbook or lesson. 

Let's say you've created an infographic for your students using Canva and a green screen video with Doink. You'd like your students to see it all in a cohesive lesson, then add some questions and activities around the content - Stile's made this workflow super easy. You can bring in content from all sorts of different apps and use Stile's content and question options to build a cohesive learning experience.

You'll have access to all of Stile's discussion, marking and feedback features too!  



On the iPad, simply download the Stile app

Anything you create in other apps can be exported directly to Stile by:

  1. choosing to 'Open in Another App' then selecting the Stile app; or
  2. by saving to your Photo Library, dragging and dropping the 'Share file' content option to your lesson and selecting the file you want. 


Our Open Response Question type allows your students to layer multiple different content options and bring in files and projects that they've created in other apps. 

Here's a great example of an App Smashing project created by the Cosmos for Schools team:

Sample and use the lesson this question came from!

There's no need to limit yourself or your students to a single app, but it's great to have a place to bring it all together and keep work and feedback in a single digital portfolio forever.

Happy App Smashing and please comment below to share your App Smashing ideas and projects with us!