Create better multiple choice quizzes

Last week, we quietly added a nifty feature to Stile that allows teachers to randomise the order of answers in multiple-choice questions.

Best of all, the order is randomised per student, that is, every student sees the list of possible answers in a different order.

Given this small but useful change, we thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about making great multiple-choice quizzes in Stile. Here are our top 5 recommendations:

1. Clearly instruct your students on whether you expect one or more answers to each question.

Stile’s multiple-choice questions have a lot of flexibility, one of which is the ability to have students provide more than one correct answer. However, this can lead to confusion if you don’t first let your students know exactly what you expect.


2. Make your multiple-choice questions more challenging by having multiple correct answers.

On the other hand, why not make your multiple-choice questions a little more challenging by requiring multiple correct answers? To mark individual answers as correct, simply click on the cross next to the answer to toggle it to a tick.


3. Put your quiz in assessment-mode to hold back correct answers.

New Stile activities are in ‘non-assessed’ mode by default. When in this mode, students will be presented with the correct answers to multiple-choice questions immediately upon submitting their responses to you. In a classroom environment, this can be less than ideal. Switching your activity into ‘assessment’ mode will prevent the correct answers from being released until you manually release feedback.


Note: The “Release feedback and request resubmission” option will not reveal the correct answers to the student.

4. Assign marks so Stile automatically calculates student scores.

Once your quiz is in assessed mode (see above), you can assign marks to each question. Stile will automatically mark multiple-choice questions as soon as they are submitted.


Note: Stile does not award fractional marks for partially correct answers. If you have multiple correct answers in your question and wish to award half marks to students when they are partially correct, you’ll need manually award marks before releasing the marks/feedback back to your students.

5. Randomise your multiple-choice questions for quicker question entry.

Using the “Randomise answer display order” option when creating your multiple-choice questions is a time-saver, allowing you to place the correct answer in the first answer box knowing Stile will take care of shuffling the correct answer amongst your false ones. Further, because the answers are randomised differently for each student, those sneaky sideways glances during your next quiz won’t be nearly as effective.

When wouldn’t you randomise? If you want to include more complex questions with answers such as “All of the above”.