Open for discussion


Through discussion, students can learn from each other, challenge each other and feed off one another. Open discussions provide a forum in which students have to justify their ideas and arguments, often requiring a profound understanding of the issues at stake.

To help facilitate this type of learning opportunity, we incorporated the Class Discussion feature with the release of Stile 2.0.

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Once a class discussion is open, your students can use the feature to:

  • Share ideas
  • Ask questions of each other
  • Debate topics
  • Share media

Posts in a class discussion remain linked to the activity, even after all students have submitted their work. This creates a lasting snapshot of the class’ level of understanding at the time that they completed the activity.


How do I moderate a discussion?

Teachers can open and close discussions at any time. They may post in all open discussions and all posts are visible to the teacher, including deleted posts. Posts are accompanied with information about who authored the post and when they uploaded it. In addition, if required, teachers can delete any post.

Show me an example

A sample question could be:

In the Class Discussion below, post your project proposal.  In addition, comment on the project proposal of one other student from the class.  Include one thing that you like about their proposal and one thing you would do differently.

Where do I find it?

The Class Discussion feature is located at the bottom of every activity that you create.  For any given activity you can select to have class discussion open or closed.

If you haven’t used the Class Discussion feature yet, it’s simple to integrate into your next Stile lesson. Give it a go and let us know what you think!