Plot X-Y with Stile's new graph content type

Creating graphs in your classroom? As you well know, graphs are powerful tools for visually representing data.  From today, you and your students can plot X-Y style graphs with our brand new graph feature, now available in the content selector of any Stile activity.

Tell me more…

The graph content type is flexible, easy to use and visually appealing. Use it to add a graph to your lesson as a means of conveying information to your students, or ask students to create their own graphs.

Features of the graph content type include:

  • Plot up to three colour-coded data series on the same graph
  • Easy to edit graph title and axis labels
  • Customisable axis scales
  • Ability to quickly switch between different visualisations: straight line, scatter etc.

When posing a graph question, you have the option to pre-fill the graph with partial data (e.g. the axis labels, or just the X-axis values), requesting your students ‘fill in’ the missing information. Your students can toggle between different visualisations as they complete the graph, deciding on the best way to represent their data before submitting it for your feedback.

We’ve also introduced a handy ‘reset’ button for students.  In the case that you have provided part of the graph data up-front, this button allows students to easily reset the graph back to the original state you provided should they wish to start the question again.  This reset feature will eventually be rolled out to all relevant content types.

Show me an example…

Let’s take a look at the new graph content type in action.  Here is an example of a scatter plot of student age versus student height (data shown):


Here is an elegant line graph showing the growth of the Earth’s population since 1800 (data hidden).


And here is a graph question asking students to plot y = x³ (student mode).


As you can see, the graph feature is an easy way to add data visualisation and equation plotting into your Stile lessons.

Where do I find it?

From within Stile, the graph content type is available now from the content selector at the bottom of every activity.  Not using Stile yet?  Sign up for a free trial now at

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What’s next?

We’re days away from releasing our next big thing, which will be a leap forward in how Stile can be used in your classroom. We’re excited! Stay tuned…