Real-time insight into class progress

Have you checked out the Insights Engine yet? Insights provides teachers with a real-time visual overview of the progress and understanding of their class.

What’s it useful for?

Stile’s Insights Engine naturally helps teachers gain a better understanding of how their class is progressing through their work, but it also opens up the door to some new and interesting ways to use Stile. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Flipped quiz. See what your students do and don’t know going into a new unit of work with a simple flipped quiz.
  • Live polling. Use the discussion board to generate ideas from the class and then have students vote on a live poll. See results come through in real-time.
  • Post-test. Supplement your pre-test with a post test and see exactly how each student improved, and which concepts they are still struggling with.

Tell me more!

The Insights page, accessible via the Submissions tab in every Stile subject, is broken down into the following sections:

  1. Progress breakdown. By showing you which students haven’t started, those that are underway, and those that have submitted their work already, you can quickly identify the students that need to be followed up, or extended.
  2. Question analysis. This panel provides a real-time breakdown on your class’ understanding of each of the multiple choice questions in that activity. See the questions they struggled with, where they went off track and who selected which answer.
  3. Results distribution. Once their work has been marked, you can see the results distribution for your class for that activity. Instantly see which students are excelling and which need extra help.

How do I find it?

Navigate to the Submissions page and underneath each activity you will find a new button with an image of a blue graph on it. Click on the button to navigate through to the Insights Engine.