Stile end-of-year archiving

As the school year winds down and you look to file away lesson content for future use, you‘ll be pleased to know that Stile has a solution for archiving your Stile subjects.  On Monday 30 December, once all classes are well and truly finished, all 2013 subjects will be archived. This is part of our commitment to store your data securely, year after year.

How do I access an archived subject?

Once archived, subjects are removed from your homepage. To access them, both you and your students will be able to click on the View archived subjects link at the bottom of your subject list. Archived subjects are a read-only record of previous work.


How do I reuse a subject from last year?

From Monday 30 December you will also be able to ‘duplicate’ any existing subject (archived or otherwise). This will create an exact copy of that subject, with lessons and activities included, but without any of last year’s students or submissions. 


What about holiday subjects?

If you’ve created a subject within the last two months, it will not be automatically archived on Monday 30 December.  

If you have specific subjects you need excluded from the archiving process, do let our support team know prior and we’ll ensure they are not automatically archived. 

Your Stile archive will be available to you whenever you need it. We are committed to maintaining your digital portfolio year on year, with limitless storage and easy-to-use tools. With Stile, your hard work is only ever a click away.