The 2014 school year kicks off!

On behalf of the whole team at Stile, welcome back for the 2014 school year!

2013 was a huge year at Stile.

Building on everything we had learnt from teachers using the first version of Stile, we developed and released our 2nd generation platform. Stile 2 is faster, more reliable, and more secure than its predecessor, but perhaps more importantly, it has allowed us to innovate. For example, the incredibly powerful Project Space feature released late last year allows your students to access Stile’s content creation tools in a completely free form and unrestricted way - perfect for student-directed learning.

Aside from the technology, a major highlight of 2013 was our Digital Leadership Conference with Alan November. Quite apart from being an interesting and inspiring day for us (and hopefully for those of you who attended too), it was fantastic to catch up with some of the passionate teachers who had been using Stile throughout the year. The feedback we received both at the conference as well as the many visits to schools throughout the year has been instrumental in shaping Stile going forward. Please, keep that feedback coming!

We’re only just getting started.

2014 will see us continue to innovate and develop Stile to meet your needs. Our goal is to further establish Stile as the leader in its field, and most importantly a learning platform that you and your students love using.

One of our major focuses for 2014 is collaboration on all levels. To that end, we’re very excited about the inaugural Stile Learning Community Workshop coming up on the 3rd of March. This workshop is the first in a series of professional development days open to Stile schools. It is intended to facilitate the open exchange of ideas between educators on novel and effective uses of Stile and other web-based tools in and beyond the classroom. 

If you need some help getting started for the new school year, or simply have a feature you’d love to see added to the platform, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. The Stile team is always here for you!