The first unit update is here: Atoms (Year 9)

Earlier this month we announced the plan to update our older science units with a major focus on improving accessibility, scaffolding, engagement, and teacher support. Today we're excited to show you the first of these updates. 

Here's what you can find in Atoms version 2.0:
- Improved lesson structure breaks the unit into shorter sections.
- New content on ions and charge.
- Added two new PhET interactives and two pracs: Brownian motion and The electrical atom.
- New lesson summaries and teacher notes to help you guide the lessons.
- Updated question verbs to incorporate Bloom’s taxonomy and improved general readability.
- Added scaffolding, hints, and reflection questions.
- "I'm not sure" answers have been removed from the end-of-unit exam.

Check out the improved Atoms unit here and tell us what you think!