Major unit update: Forces 2.0 (Year 7)

The second major update to the Stile Science Library combined three old units into one shiny new unit: Forces I, Forces II, and Gravity can now be found in Forces for Year 7. This update includes big improvements to accessibility, scaffolding, engagement, and teacher support. 

Here's what you'll find in Forces 1.0:
- 1 new prac, 2 science investigations, 1 engineering challenge, and a scootle simulation.
- New content on types of force and net force.
- Improved lesson structure breaks the unit into shorter sections.
- New lesson summaries and teacher notes to help you guide the lessons.
- Updated question verbs to incorporate Bloom’s taxonomy and improved general readability.
- Improved test structure randomises multiple choice answers and removes "I'm not sure" options.
- Added scaffolding, hints, and reflection questions.

Preview the new unit here and take it for a spin.