Unit update: Classification (Year 7)

The latest update to land in the Stile Science library is Classification 2.0 - improving the old unit's scaffolding, teacher support, accessibility, and student engagement. Students will also get to know the new Stile Science Squad characters using a dichotomous key!

Here's what you'll find in Classification 2.0:
- Added one new prac and a hands on activity
- New content on living vs. non-living things and why we classify
- Improved lesson structure breaks the unit into shorter sections and clearly defines lessons, projects, and pracs.
- Updated question verbs to incorporate Bloom’s taxonomy and improved general readability.
- Added scaffolding, hints, and reflection questions.
- Improved test structure randomises multiple choice answers and removes "I'm not sure" options.
- Updated career profile and Introduction

Preview the unit and dig in with your Year 7s. If you're not teaching Classification yet, that's okay! Just save these notes and phylum away for later. 

The Stile Science Squad