Unit update: States of Matter (year 8)

Flowing into term 3 this year, States of Matter (Year 8) is now completely overhauled. Improvements can be seen in accessibility, teacher guidance, engagement, and scaffolding. We also included a new career profile, and he's pretty big on social media for his work on the Internationsal Space Station.

Here's the breakdown of what you'll find in States of Matter 2.0:

  • 2 new pracs
  • Added scaffolding, hints, and reflection questions
  • Improved readability including the use of Bloom's taxonomy in question verbs
  • Lessons have been broken down into shorter sections for better engagment
  • New lesson summaries and teacher notes to help you guide the lessons
  • Improved test structure randomising multiple choice answers and removing "I'm not sure" options.
  • Updated glossary of terms
  • New career profile featuring Astronaut Scott Kelly
  • Take a deep breath and dive in to the new unit here.