Unit Update: Physical and Chemical Change (Year 8)

The Physical and Chemical Change unit (aka The Chocolate Unit) is the latest Stile Science unit to be improved for accessibility, scaffolding, engagement, and teacher support.

Here's what the update boils down to:
- New career profile featuring professional chocolate taster Orietta Gianjorio
- 1 new prac and a science investigation
- Updated glossary of terms
- Improved readability including the use of Bloom's taxonomy in question verbs
- Lessons have been broken down into shorter sections for better engagment
- New lesson summaries and teacher notes to help you guide the lessons
- Added scaffolding, hints, and reflection questions
- Improved test structure randomising multiple choice answers and removing "I'm not sure" options.
- Overall more delicious flavour

Preview the updated unit here and add it to your subject.