Pardon our dust! We're renovating the library.

We're working to improve the overall organisation of the Stile Science Library, and so you may notice some small changes when you come back from the holidays. The changes will be implemented gradually and gently so we don't disrupt your teaching. 

The Years 5-6 (Double Helix Lessons) and Years 7-10 (Cosmos Lessons) libraries are now combined in a single Stile Science Library. The two separated libraries will stick around for a while; you can access all three from the Library menu in your subjects, and links to units in those libraries will continue to work. Units in the new library will be categorised as Primary or Secondary, with more specific information available in the unit overviews.

The new library currently displays units according to year level, starting at Year 5. This may change in the future as we re-organise and find ways to improve. You can still sort the library by year level, topic, and keywords to find exactly what you need. 

Go for a browse! If you haven't visited the library in a while, then take a look at anything tagged as New or Updated. There are heaps of goodies to share with your students as we continue to add more fascinating science to the collection.