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Pre-Webinar Checklist

Joining a Stile webinar is a piece of cake 🍰

To ensure that you and your staff get the most out of it, please make sure you do the following:

  1. Ask your staff to bring along their laptops - the session is hands-on!
  2. Set up one computer to join the Cosmos Lessons webinar room and project it at the front of the room so everyone can see it. 
  3. Mute that computer's microphone to avoid feedback
  4. Connect its audio out to a speaker so everyone in the room can hear us
  5. Test your setup with us at least one day prior to the webinar to ensure everything works as expected on the day. Contact us for a quick 5-minute check.
  6. If possible, join with another laptop that has a webcam and microphone and use that to communicate with us.

While it is possible to participate in the webinar without a microphone and/or webcam using the chat feature, we highly recommend that least someone in the room joins with their laptop. This makes communication during the webinar a lot easier!