COVID-19 teaching resources

COVID-19 teaching resources
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The COVID-19 outbreak is not just a global science story, it is having a profound impact on our day-to-day lives. It is likely that students have many questions about what they’re seeing and hearing in the media.

We’ve created two science news lessons on COVID-19 to support teachers to answer these questions and explain why aspects such as social distancing are so important.

Science news lesson: The new coronavirus

Updated on 21/3/20. Lesson will take ~15–20 minutes.

Lesson purpose: Explain what scientists currently know about the new coronavirus and dispel some common misconceptions.

In this science news lesson, students separate the facts from the fiction about the new coronavirus. Students are asked what they’ve heard about the new coronavirus, examine what scientists currently know and explore some of the myths circulating on social media.

The lesson also touches on the increased racism that has been sparked by this coronavirus outbreak and provides links to other resources.

You can view this lesson here.

Science news lesson: Slowing the spread

Updated on 21/3/20. Lesson will take ~45–60 minutes.

Lesson purpose: Explain how social distancing can help slow the spread of COVID-19.

In our latest science news lesson, students will get a snapshot of the current pandemic and use an interactive simulation to look at the effect of different levels of social distancing on the spread of disease. Using a graph, they’ll identify the effect of social distancing on COVID-19 infections in various countries and look at other ways they can slow the spread including through hand washing.

The lesson also includes links to resources that might help students through periods of increased isolation.

You can view this lesson here.

COVID-19 resources and remote learning strategies

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