Glossary quizzes in Stile

Glossary quizzes in Stile

We’re always looking for ways to incorporate evidence-based pedagogies into Stile to provide teachers with everything they need for a high-quality science programme. That’s why we’ve made the helpful glossary quizzes, previously available only in the Stile X mobile app, available via for everyone to enjoy! 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about using glossary quizzes with your students.

What are Glossary quizzes?

Glossary quizzes are interactive quizzes based on the terms from a unit’s glossary in Stile. They have been intentionally designed to encourage retrieval practice and spaced repetition of important scientific terms. By completing a glossary quiz, students are applying proven learning strategies to support their understanding of scientific terminology and develop their literacy skills. To encourage mastery, they’ll encounter each glossary term multiple times. 

Independently mastering scientific vocabulary allows students to better access and engage with higher-order activities in class, ultimately unlocking deeper learning. Imagine students coming to class already familiar with key terminology for the unit ahead. We see these as the perfect complement to Stile’s classroom lessons and printable revision materials, offering a complete solution for science teaching and learning. 

A screenshot showing a question from the glossary quiz for the Stile Forces unit.

Where can I find Glossary quizzes?

You can access a unit’s glossary quiz from two places:

  1. The lesson plan at the top of a Stile lesson when viewing it in Prepare Mode. 
A screenshot showing how teachers can access a unit's glossary quiz at the lesson level.
  1. The top of a unit’s folder on the Lessons page.
A screenshot showing how teachers can access a unit's glossary quiz at a subject level.

Students can access a unit’s glossary quiz from a unit’s folder on the Lessons page. 

A screenshot showing how students can access a unit's glossary quiz

How can I use Glossary quizzes? 

Having quizzes available in Stile means they’re now accessible to all students, regardless of whether they have the mobile app. They’re a great way to build vocabulary throughout the unit and to support test revision during independent study. 

While we don’t recommend using glossary quizzes as a teaching resource during class time, they are a perfect tool to have in your tool kit for these scenarios: 

For fast finishers 

When students have already finished the work assigned for the lesson, consolidating their knowledge of specific scientific terms is a great use of time. If students finish an activity early, you can direct them to the unit’s glossary quiz.

  1. As an icebreaker to settle students 

If you have a class straight after lunch and students need an opportunity to settle in, these quizzes are a great resource to bring a sense of focus before beginning the core of your lesson.

  1. As a differentiation tool 

If you reach a point in the lesson where you’d like to extend some students, but the material is beyond the zone of proximal development for others, quizzes can be used to provide differentiation. They’re designed to encourage students to engage with the definitions and are adaptive, bringing students back to the terms they’ve struggled with for consolidation. What better way to build a foundational understanding of the topic?  

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