Why Stile has created revision resources

Why Stile has created revision resources

Stile is always evolving. Over the past couple of years, we’ve been working on one of our biggest evolutions to date: revision and note-taking resources, known as Stile X.

Why branch out into revision and note-taking resources?

Other than it just sounding like a great idea, there is solid research behind it. Note-taking and studying are invaluable, lifelong, transferable skills that research shows are a strong predictor of student achievement. Building these skills will set your students up for success in senior science and beyond. But, knowing how to study and take effective notes is something we often expect our students to know already. Research demonstrates that these skills must be explicitly taught and scaffolded, but finding time in our ever-busy classrooms and increasingly crowded curriculum is challenging.

Enter Stile’s revision and mastery resources

Accompanying every classroom lesson, we’ve created scaffolded resources with evidence-based note-taking and revision skills so that your students can learn how to study while they study.

These resources are designed to help students develop intrinsic motivation, connect their learning to real-life contexts, and track their progress over time. As students progress from Year 7 to Year 10, the skills become more complex, giving your students the tools they need to succeed. 

So, what exactly do these resources include? 

Alongside each online Stile unit, you'll find:

  • printable worksheets containing example responses
  • printable practice tests
  • printable glossary flashcards
  • 60-second lesson video summaries
  • an accompanying mobile revision app

Why are they now available to all Stile customers?

The feedback from the print-only version of these note-taking and revision resources has been overwhelmingly positive. But we also heard that teachers want to be able to access them digitally so that they can print them out when needed and project them in the classroom. 

We’ve spent the last few months doing just this. 

But, we couldn’t help ourselves in making our revision resources that little bit better, so we added a few extra features like example responses for the revision activities and creating printable glossary flashcards. 

Given the massive benefit to you and your students, we’ve made them digitally available to all Stile customers. These digital resources are now integrated into each online unit and lesson. 

Find out more

To learn more about Stile's revision resources and how they can benefit your classroom, head here. You can also register for free 30-minute professional learning sessions to maximise Stile in your classroom here.

If you're using these revision resources frequently (and the research suggests that's a good idea), it's probably cheaper to buy the Stile X booklets from us rather than print them.