Flash PL Recordings

Flash PL Recordings

Stile's Flash PL are short professional learning webinars on the latest in science education and Stile. They're designed to keep you up-to-date with key developments and enhance science teaching and learning at your school.

Upcoming Flash PLs

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Flash PL: Hall of Fame

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Stile 101: The Basics

Perfect for beginners or those of you who haven’t used Stile in a while, we’ll cover all of the basics to get you going in Stile including creating subjects, browsing the Stile library, adding students and more! Click here to watch.

Tips and tricks to customize your Stile lessons

In this 45 minute webinar, our Professional Learning Team will cover how to navigate Prepare mode so that you can modify and edit content in a lesson. They'll also delve into Stile's customization tools and show you how to to add content so you that can easily and efficiently augment your science lessons! Click here to watch.

Using Stile in the classroom

To help you get back into the swing of things with in-class learning, watch this 45-minute webinar on how to use Stile as a blended learning tool in the classroom! Click here to watch.

Teaching strategies for remote and hybrid teaching with Stile

We're here to support you every step of the way as your transition between remote, hybrid and in-person teaching. In this webinar, we're joined by Joseph Centoni, an experienced science teaching practitioner based in California, to hear his experience of teaching in remote and hybrid settings and the strategies he's developed. We'll also cover how to use Stile when teachers and students are unexpectedly and frequently absent so that you can deliver a seamless teaching and learning experience. Click here to watch.

Introducing Stile X: A student companion

To help you get ready to use Stile X with your students, join us for a tour of the interactive workbook! We'll also cover how to weave it into your planning and teaching so that your students can seamlessly begin to use it to supercharge their learning! Click here to watch.

Flash PL: Beyond the Basics

A selection of Flash PL sessions that dig deeper into Stile's features and lessons

Using the Stile Markbook for report writing

To help you with your report writing, our Professional Learning Team cover how to download marks and feedback from the Stile Markbook as a spreadsheet, and how to format the spreadsheet to get everything you need for writing reports. Click here to watch.

Science Week Escape Room 2021

Get a taste of our 2021 Science Week Escape Room! Aligned with the theme of Food: Different by design, this unique experience will be sure to excite your students. We’ll talk through the activities and how to successfully run your very own Escape Room, whether you're at school or teaching remotely. Click here to watch.

Art of Science

To celebrate the release of our latest Art of Science lesson, we’re chatting with Marta Ivkov about the importance of these lessons and the practical ways to embed them into your day-to-day teaching units. Click here to watch.

Reinforcing science inquiry skills in the classroom

Science inquiry skills are a pivotal element of science education, and often a barrier to students fully engaging with scientific ideas and concepts. In this webinar, with our guest Marta Ivkov, we’ll explore how to embed our skill builder lessons into your topics to support student development of inquiry skills. Click here to watch.

Flash PL: The Big Picture

A selection of Flash PL sessions that examine relevant issues for educators in Australia and New Zealand

The New Australian Curriculum and Stile

Catch up on our live Q&A where we discuss the suggested revisions to the Australian Curriculum, what the proposed changes mean for science teachers, and what we're doing to support you in delivering a high quality, curriculum-aligned programme to your students. Click here to watch.

Clare Feeney, Head of Education at Stile, has thoroughly investigated the suggested changes to the science curriculum, and answers questions submitted by our community of teachers. She also talks about the changes more generally and explain their practical implications for your teaching. You can read more about our take on the revisions and what we're doing about them in our blog post at stileapp.com/go/ACblog

Indigenous perspectives in science education

Our classrooms are inherently diverse places, but creating an inclusive and equalising learning environment can be difficult at the best of times. To support you in embedding Indigenous perspectives in our science classrooms and to create more inclusive learning environments, we hosted a panel discussion with Bruce Ngataierua and Jordyn Pol. Bruce and Jordyn are passionate educators in their respective cultures and have years of experience in the classroom.

View the webinar recording, audience question and responses, and Bruce and Jordyn’s resources here.

Women in STEM: Celebrating International Women’s Day roundtable discussion

Celebrating women in STEM this International Women’s Day, we’ve pulled together a panel of inspiring women in a range of scientific fields to hear about their unique experiences and perspectives on how to support young women in science. This webinar will be great for teachers and students alike! Click here to watch.


  • Dr Jacqueline Dohaney B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc, PhD
    Geologist & STEM lecturer, Swinburne University
  • Catherine Phillips
    Commercial operations manager at Exxonmobil and Professional AFLW player