Mission 2: Blended Learning

Mission 2: Blended Learning

Use Teach Mode to scaffold student thinking and set the pace of a lesson while using collaborative question types to facilitate discussion.

How do I complete this mission?

This mission is about using Stile with your students as an effective blended learning tool.

Part A: Stile activity

  1. Read the teaching notes in Prepare mode
  2. Project the lesson to the class in Teach mode
  3. Set the pace of the lesson
  4. Facilitate class discussion and collaboration

Scroll down to watch the video for step-by-step instructions.

Part B: Short reflection

  1. Complete this form to provide a short reflection on how this mission has impacted your teaching practice.

How do I complete the Stile activity?

If you have any questions at all, simply email us at support@stileeducation.com or call +61 3 8539 3289.

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